The third weekend of May in Sant Jordi, Palma de Mallorca, the club Prat de Catí organizes the snail fair.

On the last weekend of May, the Fecoll organizes the Aplec del caragol in Lleida.

The second weekend of September, the Brotherhood of Vinyala animates the fair of the vinyal in Odena, Catalonia.

The week of August 15, the Cargol Gracios animates the Festa Gracia in Barcelona.

The last weekend of July, the snail festival takes place in Bompas .
La France

The first weekend of July, Team Cargols organizes the snail festival in Toulouges .
la France

European Route of the Snail

Team cargols is an association generating culture around the snail. Team Cargols develops, with its actions around snail cooking and its conviviality, the rapprochement and friendship for a more humane society; without barriers of sex, color, religion, political sensitivity or age.