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European snail road

European Snail road

In 2019, the associations: Team cargols, l'Aplec del Caragol, la confraria de la Vinyala, el Cargol Graçios, Fira del Caragol and the Town Hall of Bompas have laid down the fundamentals of the Charter.

This European Snail Route Charter is governed by the following principles:

  • Not profit-making
  • To act with confidence
  • To act with generosity
  • To help each other to develop everyones’ culture around the gastronomy of the snail.
  • To act in accordance with the rules of the festival or fair they attend.


His signature took place during the 32nd snail festival in Bompas on July 29, 2023.


The host of the year will be in charge of the secretarial tasks of the meeting.

Each member of the European Route appoints a representative, in case of admission of a new member a representative will be appointed by the new member.

Decisions are approved by a majority of three quarters of the members.

The plan of the route is transmitted to the institution/association organising the meeting the following year.


The calendar has been established as follows:

First year: the Aplec de l'Escargot in Toulouges, on the first weekend of July.

Second year: the Fira de la Vinyala in Odena, on the third weekend of September.

Third year: the Aplec del Caragol in Lleida, last weekend of May.

Fourth year: the Fira de l'Escargot in Bompas, on the last weekend of July.

Fifth year:  the Festa Gracia in Barcelona, the week of 15th of  August.

Sixth year: the Fira del Caragol in St. Jordi, on the third weekend of May.

Seventh year .............