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Team cargols, the friendliness of the cargolade

Team Cargols is a cultural and gastronomic association of the Roussillon snail. Around the snail festival and the cargolade, we create conviviality and friendship for a more human society without barriers of colour, gender, religion, political influence or age. Team Cargols has created around the ‘Cargolade’ theme : the snail Aplec, the festival of the Roussillon snail, the European snail route and the universal snail calendar. Calendar of activities.
The cargolade (grilled snails) is a magical and unmissable moment with family and friends, and is listed in the inventory of French culinary heritage, local products and traditional recipes in Languedoc-Roussillon. As soon as the fine weather arrives and particularly on Easter Monday, the associations, the Roussillon snail brotherhood, the municipalities, the restaurant owners and families take out their snail grids to honour our flagship: the Roussillon snail.
Cargolade is the typical Catalan dish of the Eastern Pyrenees. It comes in the form of snails grilled on a fire of vine branches and accompanied by aïoli.
Team Cargols organises the Renaissance and Dormance cargolades, the Easter Monday cargolades, the solidarity cargolades for the benefit of other associations with PECA (Plaque de l'Escargot Catalan et de l'Artisanat), and the new year cargolades for the universal snail calendar.

We are present at the snail festival in Toulouges and at the Aplec del Caragol in Lleida.
Every year a meeting of the European Snail Route is held in a different city.  On this occasion we present

the cargolade, the gastronomic recipe of the Roussillon snail, our Catalan culture and the Department

of the Pyrénées Orientales.

La Cargolade

Cargolade is the typical Catalan dish of the Eastern Pyrenees. It is presented in the form of snails grilled on a fire of vine shoots and accompanied by a bread with aïoli.                   SEE THE VIDEO

Barcelona 2024

The 5th stage of the European route is organized by el Cargol Gracios.

Aplec del Caragol

The Aplec del Caragol takes place in the Parc els Camps Elisis in Lleida  

Festival de l' Escargot

The snail festival takes place in the Parc de Clairfont in Toulouges.

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